Designer Helen Heliotou grew up loving fashion. Born in Greece, the homeland of culture, educated in finesse in a Greek-French school and studied Marketing Management in The American College of Greece, she shaped a charismatic personality. This is evident in her “2H” collection, a women's bag collection launched in 2014.

With a background as marketing executive in a leading cosmetics company, she exploited her creative spirit and developed a special bond with the world of cosmetics envisioning a woman’s beauty in all aspects of everyday life.

Her first experience with the unique material, that soon became her inspiration, was next to her husband, specializing in exclusive Plexiglas® creations. Influenced by the above she acquired a deep understanding of production techniques and upper quality craftsmanship.

"2H" ... two materials, Plexiglas® and leather…two textures…frost and velvet, two worlds, futuristic and classic combined in absolute harmony under the creative design outlook of Helen Heliotou, making a new stylistic statement.

Ergonomic designs with magnetic closures exclusively handcrafted focusing in detail and functionality. High quality materials (nappa calf leather and nickel hardware) and logo engraved in silver mirror, create a minimalistic effect while exude an air of luxury, elegance and uniqueness. 

The diversity of Plexiglas® materials, transparent, solid, or neon and the variety of colors allow for limitless combinations. An “all day” accessory to accompany every mood and look while representing an intriguing fashion item!